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Bathroom Design and Layout

How many hand dryers do I need?  Especially in larger restrooms, I get asked this question all the time.  I laugh when I travel and I see a large bathroom with 8 toilets, 8 urinals, 4 sinks, and 2 hand dryers (or dispensers).  Where do you think there will be a bottleneck?

The way to think about this is to think about that bottleneck.  Hand dryers are only used after hand washing.  If you have 4 sinks, and they all might be used at the same time, you should probably have 4 hand dryers.  The number of toilets or urinals doesn’t matter to the dryers – just the number of hand washing stations.

The other question is where should they go?  Again, as you travel the world, you run into terribly designed bathrooms all the time.  Whether it is a towel dispenser or hand dryer, you want it as close as possible to the sinks to minimize the need to wander around the bathroom with wet hands.