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Dyson Airblade - Facts you need to know

Posted on 1/8/2013 in Dryers

One of our best selling hand dryers is the amazing Dyson Airblade hand dryer.  The product is great.  It's probably the fastest dryer on the market and it is certainly the only dryer with a ton of hygiene certifications, including HAACP and NSF.  I write more on this on the Dyson page.  Of course, I personally worked for Dyson for 5 years helping them to launch the dryer, so I have a ton of experience working with all sorts of customers.  I can tell you that there are a few things that I tell every customer prior to purchase to that their experience with the product goes well.  I thought I'd share them here in the blog.

1) Installation.  These units are among the lowest energy consuming dryers on the market.  They do draw nearly 13 amps (at 110/120v).  Therefore, you need to put them on a dedicated 15 or more amp circuit.  If you put 2 of them on a 15 amp circuit and they both go on at the same time, you will of course blow the circuit.  Your installation electrician will know this hopefully, but it's worth noting.

2) Mounting height.  Each customer can install the units at their own desired height, but Dyson was good enough to perform user research and determine the best recommended height for men, women, and children/wheelchair accessibility.  I recommend putting one each at the adult and children/wheelchair height unless you are only putting one in the restroom.  In that case, I always recommend installing them at the lower children/wheelchair height.  I am 6'3", and it's very easy to bend at the waist slightly.  It's much harder to reach hands up if the user is shorter.

3) Cleaning Protocol.  One of the  daily most important ownership functions is the daily cleaning of the unit.  These dryers get wet every day as the water drips off hands.  Imagine your car when it rains.  The drops dry and any dust or dirt dries on the surface and leaves water marks.  This happens to the dryer every day.  They will look grungy, and people won't want to use them.  A simple daily wipe down with most non-abrasive cleaners will make them look great and encourage people to use them.  The cleaning instructions are available in English and Spanish on the Dyson page.

4) HEPA filter.  I am always asked if the filter will need replacement.  This is a good question, but for most customers, the filters will last the life of the product.  For high-volume facilities, they may be changed once per year.  They are free for the first 5 years of ownership under the warranty of the product.  You can always tell if you need to replace them by the lack of strong airflow.