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Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers

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Dyson was founded in 1992 by Sir James Dyson, who at the time was an industrial designer and inventor who had invented and patented bagless vacuums using cyclone technology.  The man and his company pride themselves on engineering products which work in different and better ways than their predecessors.  Dyson famously created 5,127 prototypes of his first vacuum cleaner in a workshop behind his house before he felt it was acceptable for commercialization.  By the late 1990′s, Dyson began working on motor technology for his vacuum products, and eventually invented and patented the Dyson digital motor based on the switch reluctance principle.  This smaller, lighter, cleaner and more power-efficient motor gave Dyson another proprietary piece of technology to beat the competition, and Dyson engineers began to propose other products that could utilize the “DDM.”  One of those new products was a hand dryer that used high-velocity air to “scrape” the water off of hands rather than using heated air to evaporate it.

Dyson postulated that he could invent a hand dryer that was faster, more energy efficient, and more hygienic than those that blow without filtration and use heat.  Several years later, in 2006, he unveiled the Dyson Airblade hand dryer to the world.  Because the DDM was so powerful, it could pull air through an incredibly dense HEPA filter and still maintain a high air velocity.  Dyson integrated antimicrobial coatings into the materials for an added hygiene impact.  By avoiding the need for a heater, the units required a mere 1400 watts for the motor (which was on for only 12 seconds), making it very energy efficient.  In typical Dyson fashion, Airblade was the new best in class product.

Dyson put the Airblade through more independent product testing and certification than any other hand dryer manufacturer.  It is the only hand dryer certified as hygienic by the Royal Society of Public Health in the UK, NSF in the US, and HAACP International globally (HAACP is the global food safety organization that sets standards for hygiene in food manufacturing and preparation).  It also has achieved the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label, reflecting the carbon footprint of the product and a symbol of the brand’s commitment to further reducing their impact on the environment.

All of these things make the Dyson Airblade hand dryer a one-of-a-kind product.  It features low energy, fast dry time, a tough and durable exterior, and is hygienic enough for the food industry.  Dyson Airblade hand dryers also have unique warranties that includes some of the labor where the tech will repair the unit on your wall if something goes wrong. 

Along with their unique warranty, Dyson has a financing program.  In this program, for as low as $29/month (over 5 year period) you can obtain a Dyson with no money down. Imagine replacing your $100-200/month paper towels with just $29!  Call us for details.

The Airblade product line has gone through some changes in the past few years.  The original AB02 and AB04 have been replaced by the improved (and quieter) AB14 (aka the Airblade dB).  They have added the AB12 (or Airblade V) hand dryer, Dyson’s first traditional on-wall, ADA-compliant hand dryer that features the new V4 DDM.   And in 2014, they launched the Airblade Tap, the world’s first faucet with a built-in hand dryer. 

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