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Dyson Discontinues Aluminum Hand Dryers (AB02 and AB06)

Posted on 9/11/2013 in Dryers

As you may know, I helped launch the Dyson Airblade hand dryer in the U.S. Market back in 2007, and at that time, the only model that was available was the AB02, which was manufactured with a casing of die-cast aluminum.  This was a very expensive part to tool and manufacture, and at times it was susceptible to corrosion if the powder coating wasn't perfect or was scratched.  Dyson introduced the lower cost AB04 model with an ABS/polycarbonate casing a couple of years later, and then replaced the AB02 earlier this year with the AB06, another aluminum cased model that featured some improvements that was also named the MK2.  Well, Dyson officials have confirmed that they have discontinued manufacturing both models with very little fanfare.

I'm not surprised by this move.  The lower priced AB04 and the other new products that they introduced earlier this year (the V and the Tap) give Dyson a nice product line-up.  From a manufacturing perspective, this was the only aluminum product that Dyson produced in the entire world.  It was alway an expensive product to manufacture and service.  And, frankly, the AB04 and other polycarbonate units hold up fine in most restroom environments.  You may notice that they are no longer listed in our products.  However, should you need AB02's, we may be able to find some for you in stock elsewhere, so give us a call at 888-629-0685.