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Electrical Requirements

Another critical aspect of a hand dryer purchase is your electrical wiring in the wall.  It is extremely important that you are able to safely install and use your hand dyers with the electrical configuration that you have in the wall.  Here are some useful guidelines.

Most American electricity, especially that purchased from the utilities, runs at 110v/120v.   However, some locations (especially industrial settings) can run 208v/230v, or even 277v.  Outside of the U.S., many countries (including Europe) run at 220v/240v.  The first consideration for buying a hand dryer is to make sure you are purchasing the dryer with the correct voltage.  Some of the newer hand dryers (like World Dryer’s SMARTdri or American Dryer’s ExtremeAir GXT and EXT) are universal voltage and work with nearly all configurations).

The next thing to check is the circuit size that you are installing the dryer on – and circuits are measured by the amperage capacity.  Most hand dryers are anywhere from 7-20 amps (heaters are big energy users – so those without heat run on the high end).  If a hand dryer draws 12 amps, you can use a 15 or 20 amp circuit.  But if you try to put two 12 amp hand dryers on that same circuit, you can be sure you will blow that circuit if they both get used at the same time!

Our recommendation is to always use a certified electrician to install your hand dryers properly and safely!

For some more information, here’s a quick link to wikipedia’s voltage guide.