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Excel Dryer Plans New Xlerator Products for Fall

Posted on 8/19/2014 in Dryers

According to the Boston Business Journal, Excel Dryer is planning to introduce 2 new Xlerator products in the near future.  The first, in partnership with Sloan, is an integrated sink system that includes a faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer.  You can see the prototype here:

Xlerator Integrated Sink System

The hand dryer is integrated into a deck-mounted system with sound-suppressing air delivery that includes a muffler to decrease the noise.  It also comes with adjustable speed.  I am certain we will have more on this product in the coming months.

The article also points out that Excel is working on a Bluetooth-enabled dryer that allows maintenance staff to access user data, which can then calculate savings and even how much paper (and trees) were conserved.  It also can notify the staff when the unit requires maintenance or repair.

In April, Excel launched the Xlerator Eco, a version of the Xlerator hand dryer that eliminated the heater and so used only 500 watts of energy.

To view the article in the Boston Business Journal, click here.