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Excel Dryer has been designing and manufacturing quality, American-made hand dryers for over 43 years. Denis Gagnon purchased the East Longmeadow, MA company in 1997 and right away wanted to transform the product line by developing a next-generation hand dryer. With the help of the scientists at Invent Resources, Gagnon developed the revolutionary Xlerator hand dryer, the world’s first high-speed hand dryer. Xlerator was introduced to the market in 2001 and went on to become what we estimate is the number one selling hand dryer in America.

Xlerator uses a high-velocity heated air stream and a contoured nozzle to rapidly dry hands – Excel claims a dry time of 10-15 seconds. The units come in a wide variety of cover materials and utilize a mere 1500 watts, making them also a dryer with very low energy consumption. With many cover options (including customer covers with company logos and special colors) and electrical options, Xlerators are now sold globally. It is the only hand dryer that is Made In USA Certified, the first to be GreenSpec® Listed and helps qualify for several LEED® Credits.

Of course, Excel has other, traditional hand dryer options, including Cast Cover series and the Lexan series, all of which can be ordered from NetDryers.

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