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Introducing American Specialties, Inc. Products (ASI)

Posted on 12/5/2012 in Dryers

NetDryers is pleased to announce a partnership with American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) to distribute their hand dryers and other commercial bathroom fixtures. ASI is a leading designer and manufacturer of hand dryers and other washroom accessories and has been in business since 1961. Included is the distribution of the newest hand dyer technology from ASI, the TRI-Umph hand dryer. The TRI-Umph™ automatic high-speed hand dryer is a super-hygienic, fast-drying and competitively priced option for commercial washrooms that is part of ASI’s Roval™ Collection that features clean lines and a strong curved design.

To see more about the TRI-Umph hand dryer, visit here.

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more ASI hand dryers and other ASI bathroom fixtures, including grab bars, mirrors, and yes, even paper towel dispensers.  We are excited to expand our product offering and look forward to sharing these products with our customers.  If you need any commercial bathroom fixtures, even if you don't see them listed on the NetDryers site, give us a call at 888-629-0685 for a quote!