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Introducing the new World Dryer VMax Hand Dryer

Posted on 5/3/2013 in Dryers

World Dryer has been introducing new and innovative products recently, and now available comes the VMax hand dryer.  The VMax has a modern ergonomic design and is a hands-in style dryer.  It features a HEPA 13 filter and anti-microbial coatings on the surfaces for hygiene, a larger drying cavity than many competitors for touch-free use, and a water drain tray that eliminates water on the floor.  An LED display indicate when either the HEPA filter or water tray need changing.  It is made of high-impact ABS and comes in both white and silver.  The electrical on the unit is only available in 110/120v  at 1200 watts.  Unique  to the dryer, it is only available in a plug-in version and is not made to be hard wired into the wall, although it is anchored securely to the wall by bracket and anchors.  It is also, like other hands-in dryers, ADA compliant due to the low installation height.

For more information on this and other hand dryers, give us a call at 888-629-0685.

VMax Hand Dryer World Dryer