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NetDryers Now Offering Free Restroom/Hand Drying Assessments

Posted on 3/13/2013 in Dryers

Starting in March, NetDryers will be offering clients free Restroom Assessment Reports for clients interested in making sound decisions about their bathroom design, maintenance costs, and sustainability profiles.  NetDryers President George Campbell (me, myself and I!) will personally prepare these reports subsequent to interviewing the client about their current restrooms, paper towel usage, labor rates, and overall physical footprint and design of their bathrooms.  If possible, I will even visit the locations if necessary.

The report will include:

1) A survey of the client's current bathroom footprint (number of restrooms, buildings, etc.) and hand drying options.

2) Estimate (or actual) spending on paper towels and the labor associated with keeping paper and maintaining them.

3) Current Carbon Footprint associated with the current state.

4) Recommendations to improve the overall cost and carbon state - possibly including product recommendations.

5) Financial report assessing the overall savings, investment, and Return on Investment associated with the recommendations.

Clients are under no obligation to purchase any products or follow the recommendations of these reports, which will will be free of charge to the client.  The powerpoint report is meant to help guide the clients thoughts about their bathrooms and the alternatives that are available as well as assist facilities professionals in demonstrating the sound financial sense of their decisions.  If you are interested, either call us at 888-629-0685 or email me directly at [email protected].