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Using Paper AND Hand Dryers

Without a doubt, the main driver of hand dryer customers is to reduce paper costs, reduce labor costs, reduce headaches, and to simply become more sustainable.  Yet, despite these driving forces, there is still wide-spread use of paper towels.  For most customers I’ve worked with, the challenge for them is to reduce paper usage without upsetting people who strongly prefer paper.  Yes, it’s great to go to your boss and tell him about all the savings and the improvement in sustainability, but if it creates a backlash of complaints, it wasn’t always worth it.  So, for many customers, they choose to reduce paper usage (but not eliminate it) by using both.  If that is your strategy, there are some simple ways to increase the usage of the hand dryers (which is what you are looking for if you are trying to save money and go green).

First of all, some customers get rid of paper in the busy bathrooms but keep it in the less busy bathrooms, keeping the paper people happy.  Trust me, they will figure out where the paper is.  Other customers have put the hand dryers in a very obvious location close to the sinks while moving the paper dispenser somewhere less obvious (most people are sheep and will use the first option presented to them).

Certainly, if there are paper dispensers right at the sink and hand dryers elsewhere, it’s unlikely people will use the hand dryers.  So consider all of this as you design your bathrooms.