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Vandalism and Durability

Unfortunately, American teenage boys love vandalizing public bathrooms.   If your bathrooms are subject to a high degree of vandalism, what products should you consider?

We had one client at Dyson that the only thing they wanted was a hand dryer that would not be destroyed or lit on fire, as they were replacing the dryers nearly every month due to intentional vandalism (it was a theme park).  Most people are a little bit more civilized of course.  The good news is that hand dryer companies know this and generally manufacture products that are quite resistant to vandalism and destruction.

The other good news is that hand dryers are generally much more durable than paper towels.  Many dispensers are plastic and easy to damage.  Also, paper itself is easy to destroy or just throw away.  In general, hand dryers are durable and built to withstand most non-superhero attempts at vandalism.  You might get an occasional graffiti reference to bacon or underarm hair (industry humor), but generally, hand dryers stand up to very tough environments.  And you won't get those backed-up toilets from knuckleheads flushing paper down (what does a plumber visit cost you?).

Still, some products are tougher than others.  Die-cast iron or aluminum is tougher than plastics (although some of the plastic units available today are incredibly tough and durable).  Enamel coatings are more durable than chrome or paint.  It really depends on the environment of the hand dryer, but most of the dryers we carry are very tough and durable.