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Posted on 8/8/2012 in Dryers

The summer has been a hot one, but at NetDryers, we've been enjoying the AC while we prepared to launch!  Starting a business can be nerve-racking and exciting, but at least we've kept cool (no tan lines on our team)!

This blog will be a regular posting of observations and issues surrounding bathroom design, hygiene, sustainability, and hand drying.  Most facility professionals have always recognized the benefits of hand dryers from a cost savings, labor savings, and sustainability perspective.  Still, hand dryers haven't gained the market share that they command in Europe and Asia.  This is because those same facility professionals also have to deal with complaints.  Rarely (if ever) does the boss come up to the facilities professional and say "Joe, great job.  Nothing bad happened today!"  They are the Department of Complaints - they get called when things are broke or not working.  So changing things (even to save money and Go Green) that MIGHT make some people complain gives them a bad feeling (even if it's only a few people that complain).

With the new technologies in hand dryers, more and more facilities have re-evaluated that decision, and more and more are installing hand dryers.  Products like the Xlerator, the Dyson Airblade, ExtremeAir, and SMARTdri have given facility professionals more choices of products that more people like.  And hand dryer sales have risen steadily with the introduction of those new products.

Facility professionals also have a new challenge:  Go Green - and by the way, your budget is getting squeezed.  This is a tough problem, as most sustainability projects have an investment and, usually, a pretty long payback financially.  One of the great things about hand dryers is that the savings are immediate and substantial, making them one of the few clearly sustainable investments that pay back in less than 18 months!  I've worked with many customers that are budget-neutral (or even save money) in the first year with the savings they achieve by eliminating or reducing paper consumption.

I want to share some of the stories of customers in different segments and the strategies they are using to achieve these cost-savings and sustainability goals.  Some of these stories can be found in the case studies shared by our manufacturers (look on those pages for a list of these).  I will be sharing more of them, so register for our emails and keep up to date on all of our regular postings, and thanks for visiting NetDryers.