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With headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Berkeley, IL, World Dryer has been in the hand dryer business longer than any other company. Going back over half a century, with roots tracing back to George Clemens, who first invented the hand dryer as we know it. World’s history is one of corporate mergers and acquisitions (they were once part of Beatrice Foods, Carrier Corporation, and a few others), but it is now owned by a private equity group and has been investing in new products, especially the SLIMdri and SMARTdri lines. New to the line-up in Spring of 2013 is the VMax, a hands-in style dryer with a HEPA filter, quiet operation, and a water tray that eliminates water on the floor.

World manages several name brands of hand dryers, including World, Nova, Electric-Aire, Airspeed, and No Touch. With all of the product variations, covers, and electrical configurations, World has easily the most extensive product line in the industry. They are the makers of the familiar A-series in it’s many variations, which has become an icon of public bathrooms all across America.

World Dryer products are important parts of sanitary, comfortable and welcoming facilities the world over. Competitively priced, their products are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide the most energy-efficient and powerful drying capabilities on the market today. With such an incredible variety of dryers, World Dryer is one of the industry leaders.

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