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Excel Launches the New ThinAir Hand Dryer

Posted on 11/9/2015 in Dryers
Earlier in October, Excel Dryer (maker of the leading Xlerator hand dryer) announced the launch of a new line of hand dryers.  The ThinAir hand dryers are efficient, surface-mounted dryers that protrude a mere 4 inches from the wall, making them perfect for ADA-compliant bathrooms.  Excel claims a 15 second dry time, so these are fast but not as fast as the Xlerator or other top dryers, but for a small, 4 inch deep dryer, that is great performance.  For more on the product or to purchase, click here.

From the Excel Dryer press release:

“The ThinAir Hand Dryer eliminates the need to recess the dryer into a restroom wall to achieve ADA compliance, which is beneficial for facilities with walls that are difficult to modify,” said Excel Dryer Vice President of Marketing, William Gagnon. “ThinAir has a lower cost of ownership than other hand dryers, and is easier to install making it a cost effective and affordable option to facilities looking for reliable performance and high efficiency.”

The ThinAir currently comes in only one case material (white Polymer with anti-microbial coating), but Excel plans for other, metal casings in the future.  ThinAir has adjustable speed/volume and comes with an option to turn the heating element off, allowing for a range of electric usage from 333 watts to 960 watts.  It also has a washable pre-filter and the list price is $500.  Our price is $330 and we have them ready to deliver.  Call us at 888-629-0685 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

The History of Hand Dryers

Posted on 8/24/2015 in Dryers
It's been a while since we last made a post, but there hasn't been much news from the industry this summer. However, I was somewhat excited by this piece from atlasobscura.com called The Weird History of Hand Dryers Will Blow You Away. It's a very accurate and fair piece I thought, and I wanted to share the link with you here


NetDryers 2.0

Posted on 2/11/2015
Welcome to the new NetDryers.com! We re-launched our website with expanded features to respond to the demands of our customers. Products are now easier to find. Requests for quotes are easier to do than ever! And our expanded RFQ sections for partitions and lockers make NetDryers your one-stop shop for all of your commercial bathroom requirements (unless of course it's plumbing!). Browse, shop, call or email. 888-629-0685.

Welcome to NetDryers

Posted on 8/8/2012 in Dryers
The summer has been a hot one, but at NetDryers, we've been enjoying the AC while we prepared to launch!  Starting a business can be nerve-racking and exciting, but at least we've kept cool (no tan lines on our team)!

Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels - Marketing Tactics

Posted on 8/14/2012 in Dryers
Pepsi vs. Coke.  McDonald's vs. Burger King.  Paper vs. Hand Dryers?  Real business rivalries usually add a little bit of dirty tricks to the marketing strategies, and our little world of bathrooms is no different.

A Balanced Approach to Hand Drying

Posted on 8/30/2012 in Dryers
In the US, when organizations start with the question, "Hand Dryers or Paper Towels," the answer usually comes up as paper towels.   Habits, germophobia, OCD, executive preference, and long-standing paper contracts all contribute to this result.

Intelligent Restroom Design

Posted on 9/12/2012 in Dryers
I always am asked about public and private bathroom design, and it has amazed me in my travels how little thought must go into the layout and design of these restrooms.

Top 10 Hand Dryer Myths

Posted on 9/24/2012 in Dryers
We would have a ton more hand dryers installed in the USA if these myths were somehow debunked!

New Technology Hand Dryers at ISSA 2012 Video

Posted on 10/23/2012 in Dryers
The 2012 ISSA show was held Oct. 16-19 in Chicago, and there were so many new technology hand dryers that we decided to make a video so that all of you could see and experience the new products and the marketing behind them.  Hand dryers continue to make technology strides.

How Big is the U.S. Commercial Paper Towel Market?

Posted on 11/7/2012 in Hand Dryer Sustainability
The size and scope of the U.S. Commercial Paper Towel market has always been a source of interest for me.  When I first got involved with the hand dryer industry, it was one of the questions that was asked frequently.  Getting a straight answer was difficult, as the paper industry intentionally blends the figures with either the consumer part of the business or with tissue products as a whole.

Carbon Footprint/Life Cycle Analysis of Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers

Posted on 11/27/2013 in Dryers
In our last post, we used the best available sources to estimate the dollar and weight volume of the U.S.  commercial paper towel market, which we estimated at around $2.486  B and 710,000 tonnes per year.  Today, we are going to try to put the environmental impact of all of these towels into context using carbon footprint.

New Technology from Dyson - The Dyson Airblade Tap

Posted on 12/4/2013 in Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers
If you are following Dyson news, a patent was filed with the U.S. Patent Office by Dyson for a new faucet fixture that not only gives you water to wash your hands, but it also works as a dryer to dry them.

Introducing American Specialties, Inc. Products (ASI)

Posted on 12/5/2012 in Dryers
NetDryers is pleased to announce a partnership with American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) to distribute their hand dryers and other commercial bathroom fixtures. ASI is a leading designer and manufacturer of hand dryers and other washroom accessories and has been in business since 1961. Included is the distribution of the newest hand dyer technology from ASI, the TRI-Umph hand dryer.

Dyson Airblade - Facts you need to know

Posted on 1/8/2013 in Dryers
One of our best selling hand dryers is the amazing Dyson Airblade hand dryer.  The product is great.  It's probably the fastest dryer on the market and it is certainly the only dryer with a ton of hygiene certifications, including HAACP and NSF.

Why the Hand Dryer Market is Growing (but is still relatively small)

Posted on 1/16/2013 in Dryers
You see them everywhere (or so it seems).  Xlerator.  Dyson Airblade.  Any one of hundreds of other hand dryers.  Some that work great, some that seem passé  and antiquated.  There is no doubt about it.

NetDryers and George Campbell featured on NPR's All Things Considered

Posted on 2/5/2013 in Dryers
A couple of weeks ago, the folks at NPR's All Things Considered noticed that more and more high speed hand dryers were appearing in bathrooms and thought it would make an interesting piece for the show.  The story ended up featuring Excel Dryer's Dennis Gagnon and the development of the Xlerator hand dryer, which was one of the first high speed hand dryers.

Dyson Announces 3 New Hand Dryer Products, MK II, V, and Airblade Tap

Posted on 2/3/2013 in Dryers
Dyson has announced a new line of Airblade hand dryers based around a new version of the Dyson Digital Motor, or DDM (v4).  The new line will include a lighter, quieter version of the aluminum cased AB02 hand dryer.

NetDryers featured in Crain's Chicago's Entrepreneurs in Action

Posted on 2/28/2013 in Dryers
NetDryers and George Campbell are featured in a short video piece in Crain's Chicago's Entrepreneurs in Action series about Chicago start-ups.  The piece, by business journalist Lisa Leiter, tells the company's story of helping customers view bathrooms differently and create strategies to make them more sustainable and cost-effective by incorporating hand dryers into their facilities.

NetDryers Now Offering Free Restroom/Hand Drying Assessments

Posted on 3/13/2013 in Dryers
Starting in March, NetDryers will be offering clients free Restroom Assessment Reports for clients interested in making sound decisions about their bathroom design, maintenance costs, and sustainability profiles.

Why don't sustainability professionals take reducing paper towel usage seriously?

Posted on 4/22/2013 in Hand Dryer Sustainability
The curious debate of paper towels vs hand dryers has been going on for quite some time now, and as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it seems to me to be kind of silly. 

Introducing the new World Dryer VMax Hand Dryer

Posted on 5/3/2013 in Dryers
World Dryer has been introducing new and innovative products recently, and now available comes the VMax hand dryer.  The VMax has a modern ergonomic design and is a hands-in style dryer.

Paper towels and clogged toilets

Posted on 5/7/2013 in Dryers
The paper towel industry frequently tries to scare customers into believing that hand dryers are not hygienic.  Most of the arguments are not supported by any science.  But here's a hygiene issue that I don't need a massive study to discuss...clogged toilets.

NetDryers now a full-line distributor of commercial bathroom accessories from Bobrick and ASI

Posted on 5/23/2013 in Dryers
It's been a busy first year for NetDryers, and I'm happy to announce that we are now carrying commercial bathroom accessories from Bobrick and ASI (American Specialties).

ADA Compliant Hand Dryers

Posted on 6/11/2013 in Dryers
For people looking to install ADA compliant hand dryers, one of the more confusing issues is the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA.  This act, enacted in 1990, created a market for recess kits for hand dryers to be installed into an indentation in a wall so that they did not protrude from a wall for more than 4  inches.

Hand Dryers Signs

Posted on 7/11/2013 in Dryers
Over the holidays, I travelled home to Wisconsin for some family and golf time.  As usual, this means at least one stop at an Illinois Tollway Oasis for a pitstop, snack, and some gas...